3 space-saving home improvements

Space is always at a premium in our homes. But there are some simple home improvements that can help to free up some much-needed space, and help you save money on your energy bills along the way. In this blog post we’ll share 3 easy ways to make your home feel more open and spacious. So if you’re feeling cramped and cluttered, read on for some great ideas!


Use your walls

People often forget when installing furniture that there is so much wall space and utilising this will quickly give you a lot more room. If you have shelves or a chest of drawers then try making them higher and thinner, saving you space and decluttering your room by having all of your things out of your eye line. You can also do this by installing hooks onto your wall, hanging up coats and umbrellas will make a big difference in a small space.

Install the right doors

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home then it might be tricky to have doors everywhere you want because there’s no space for them to open out into. However you can solve this problem by installing sliding or bifold doors into your property. These doors can push all the way back so they completely open your space, and save you room by not having the door in your area when it’s open.

Utilise your furniture 

Furniture is the most important aspect of utilising a small space, and getting the right type can absolutely make or break your home’s interior. Pull out tables and chairs are great options for small kitchen spaces so you can still have your own breakfast station still, or ottoman beds give you increased storage space without having to compromise on design. 


If you’re looking for ways to make your home feel more spacious, these three space-saving tips are a great place to start. With just a little bit of effort, you can create the illusion of more room and increase your quality of life at home. Like the idea of space saving doors? Then keep Walkern Windows in mind for your high quality install today.