Pet-Friendly Changes You Can Make To Your Home

Over 59% of British households have at least one pet, but how many of those homes are actually the right environment for your furry friends? It’s so exciting to be bringing a new pet home and we know you can’t wait to meet your new best friend, but it’s extremely important that you make all of the necessary modifications so your pet can be happy and as safe as possible in your home. Pet owners pay attention, because we’re showing you the pawfect ways you can make your home more pet-friendly. 


Install a stable door

Stable doors are not only a great choice for homeowners that want their home to look good, but they’re also the perfect choice for owners with pets, especially animals such as dogs and rabbits. 

Stable doors are split into two sections that are stacked on top of each other, this means that the top section can be open whilst the bottom section is still locked securely. This is ideal for the summer months because you can open the top half of the door to let the fresh air in, whilst still keeping your pets safe inside. 


Check your plants 

Not a lot of pet owners know that a lot of plants are actually toxic to your pets, especially if they end up ingesting them. A quick check of the plant name before you purchase it should tell you whether it’s pet-safe or not. 


Choose tilt and turn windows

Like our stable doors, tilt and turn windows give you more control over where your pets are able to go. These windows can open in a number of ways, including a small opening at the top, meaning you can still let in a breeze without running the risk of your animals escaping from the fully open window.


Be careful around electrical appliances

There are some things to consider when having electrical appliances around your pets. You firstly want to make sure you don’t have any exposed wires or cords that can be chewed on as this can be a huge shock risk, especially around rabbits who love to chew anything and everything. The second thing is keeping the appliances out of reach of your pets, especially if they’re heavy and could hurt them if they fall, this is another reason not to have exposed cords as they might pull something over. 

Making sure your home is the perfect pet-friendly environment is extremely important when you’re looking to get a new animal, but another positive to these modifications is they will also increase the value of your home. Having a stable door and tilt and turn windows installed are both great ways to increase your property’s value as these elements are in high demand all over the country. So if you’re ready to increase your pet’s happiness, alongside your home’s value, then contact us at Walkern Windows and get your free quote today.