Conservatory vs Orangery – Which One To Choose?

The conservatories and orangeries are a great way to make the most of your space. They offer a warm place for your family to gather during those cold winter days or can be used as a home office, gym, dining room or kids’ playroom. If you’re unsure which option you should go for, read on and we will guide you through the benefits of both conservatories and orangeries.


Conservatories have been around since 18th century England when they were popularised by Victorian society who enjoyed horticulture during their leisure time.If you are looking for a space that is versatile, adaptable, and expressive then the conservatory may be just what you’ve been searching for. It can provide an added level of functionality to your home while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. The conservatory has always played an important role in gardens as it provides warmth during winter months and shade during summer months; this dual-purpose design is one of many reasons why these structures have become so popular across Europe.


If you are looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors year-round, an orangery may be the perfect addition to your home. An orangery is essentially a brick structure with large windows and a flat roof that has glass lanterns. It can serve as both an entertaining space in warm weather months and protection from harsh winter. f you’re looking for a space to create an indoor garden, the orangery is perfect. Whether it’s in your home or business, this structure can be used as a greenhouse and give off that lush feeling of summer all year long. The brick exterior will keep the temperature inside at a comfortable level while still getting plenty of sunlight through its large windows with glass lanterns on top if desired. This type of building would make a great addition to any property where people want more greenery close by without taking up too much room inside!

Conservatory or orangery?

A conservatory is a fully glazed structure that has walls made of glass.  If you want to include the maximum amount of natural light in your home, a conservatory is likely what you are looking for. It  has many benefits including increased energy efficiency and aesthetics. The main drawback is that it’s not insulated well enough to keep out cold air during winter months so there may be some additional heating costs involved. An orangery is a brick structure usually with large windows and a flat roof. It’s usually warmer during the winter and normally features a flat roof with a glass lantern.

Taking all these points into consideration, it’s best to ask yourself what are your expectations when it comes to your new home extension before committing to either conservatory or orangery. If you are looking for a cosy space that can serve as an extra room or home office and is warm all year round, then opt for a conservatory. If you want to increase the amount of light coming into your house and brighten up your space – a conservatory is a good idea. Whatever your choice is, we are here to help you along the way so contact us today to design your perfect conservatory and orangery. We can then expertly install it for you!