Best Windows And Doors For Victorian Houses

Do you have a Victorian house? If so, then you know that matching your doors and windows to the style of your property is extremely important in order to preserve its heritage appearance. We’ve compiled all of the information to make it simple for anyone who is looking to replace their windows or doors in an old Victorian home. We hope this helps!


  • Casement windows


Casement windows are a good match for Victorian houses because they offer optimum viewing and traditional design. Casement windows allow easy ventilation when opened and in addition to providing excellent views from the inside of the house, they also allow homeowners to enjoy high energy efficiency and security. Furthermore, casements can be installed as single units which saves space if you’re not looking to replace every single window pane in your home!


  • Sliding sash windows


Sliding sash windows are a great way to bring the style of your Victorian house into the 21st century. They have an antique look, but they’re not as old-fashioned as some other window options. Also, sliding sash windows are easy to clean and very secure, offering you extra peace of mind.


  • Flush sash windows


Flush sash windows are great for Victorian houses. These windows have been around since the late 18th century and are still very popular. The homeowners like their historic look and appreciate high security and energy efficiency.


  • Traditional-style front doors


It’s the little details that can really make a difference. When you’re looking for something to add some Victorian charm, four panel doors are a good option. They match the architecture of old homes and often have plenty of style. Plus, they provide natural light in dark spaces thanks to their many windows!


There is an art to finding the right windows and doors for your Victorian home. You should make sure you match them up, as well as take a look at what kind of window or  door best suits your design motif. If you need help deciding on which ones are perfect for you specifically, our team would be happy to advise! Contact us today to discuss your project!