Single Glazed Window Disadvantages

Single glazed windows seem to be the thing of the past but your home may still have single glazing. 

With double glazing becoming the standard, it may be time to switch. 

But what are drawbacks of single glazing and why should you change to double glazing? 

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the disadvantages of single glazed windows and why you should upgrade your windows? 

Disadvantages featured include: 

  • Low security 
  • Poor energy-efficiency
  • Weak noise reduction 
  • Less economical


What is single glazing? 

 Single glazed windows are made up of a single pane of glass fitted within the frame. 


Disadvantages of single glazed windows


  • Low security

We should all feel safe in our homes but if your home still has single glazed windows, it  is more vulnerable to intruders. 

With just a single pane of glass, single glazed windows can easily be smashed providing burglars easy access into your home. 


  • Poor energy-efficiency 

When the temperatures drop, you want your windows to protect your home from the cold outside air. 

Single glazed windows offer poor insulation compared to double glazing, letting the heat out and the cold air in. 

By switching to double glazing you can help keep your home warmer. 


  • Weak noise reduction

Maybe you work nights and it’s important you get an undisturbed sleep, or perhaps you live next to a busy road? Whatever your reason, you should be able to enjoy peace and quiet in your home. 

Windows play a key role in blocking out outside noise. 

Single glazed windows provide poor noise reduction with a single pane of glass offering insufficient protection. 


  • Less economical

As previously mentioned, single glazed windows do a poor job of keeping your home warm, meaning higher energy bills.

Although double glazing is more costly than single glazing, over time double glazed windows will save you money with its strong insulation properties. 


Why choose double glazing?

Double glazing is designed to resolve the issues of single glazing. 

Now you know just some of the disadvantages of single glazing, you may be interested in changing to double glazing. 

Before you do, it’s important that you choose a qualified installer. 

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