Setting up a Conservatory for Summer

A quality conservatory, correctly installed, can be enjoyed all year round, but there’s no denying that it’s during the summer when the conservatory really comes into its own.

All those long summer evenings, enjoying a drink with the doors wide open and the breeze gently blowing through the garden are what your conservatory was designed for. 

If you’d like to get the most out of your conservatory this summer, our team here at Walkern Windows and Homes have put together this short guide with our top tips for enjoying your conservatory throughout the summer.

Install a tiled roof 

The sun beating down on a glass roof will very quickly heat up your conservatory and it could even be unbearably hot before you’ve finished your breakfast.

One way to overcome this is to replace your glass roof with a solid tiled roof. This will prevent the sun from shining through all day long and make it easier to regulate the room temperature. 

Install bi-fold doors 

Bi-fold doors can be used to really open out your home and bring your indoors closer to the outdoors.

The same principle can be applied to your conservatory. On warm days, you can fully open out the side of your conservatory, opening your conservatory right out to the garden. This creates a sense of greater space and is ideal for entertaining large parties in the garden. 

Include some plants 

The climate inside a conservatory and the amount of sunlight it gets, makes it an ideal place to grow some varieties of plants which you would usually struggle to grow inside and outside the home.

Plants also oxygenate the air inside and create a much brighter, airy feel in the room. Some of the popular types of plant you can grow in your conservatory include Cacti and succulents, Lapageria and Mandevilla. 

Hopefully these tips will have been useful in helping you get the most out of your conservatory this summer. If you don’t have a conservatory yet, or if you’re looking to upgrade or replace an existing conservatory throughout Hertfordshire, get an online conservatory quote.