How To Fix uPVC Windows That Steam Up

Having your windows steam up can always be a frustration.

Whilst you may think there’s something wrong with your double glazing, it’s actually an indicator that your double glazing is of high energy efficiency and that it’s performing as it should.

But that doesn’t fix your steamed up windows!

So in this article, we’ve put together some household remedies to help you get rid of any condensation or steam on your windows.

But first, we need to identify why your windows are steaming up in the first place.

What Causes Windows To Steam Up?

When cold air from the outside comes into contact with heat from inside the home, condensation occurs where the glass steams up.

This can’t be helped and as we previously mentioned, this is in fact a good thing.

So don’t worry as this is a key indicator to say that your double glazing is working effectively and as it should.

How to remove the condensation from your windows

Hairdryer technique

After you’ve dried your hair, why not attempt tackling the windows?

In all seriousness, the hairdryer can help to dry the condensation on the windows and clear up any steam after a while.

Whilst this is only a short term fix, it should only be treated as one. If you need a more long term fix, consider increasing the amount of airflow within the home.


By opening up a window you’re allowing for more ventilation to circulate around the property. This will decrease the chances of condensation or steam building up on the windows.

But if it’s cold outside, opening up the windows sounds like a terrible idea.

So installing an extractor fan or air vents in the home can help regulate airflow and minimise the chances of your windows steaming up.

Getting Steam In Between Your Windows?

If you’re getting condensation and steam in between your double glazing windows, then this is actually a cause for concern as the first window pane should block any steam and condensation from getting through.

It may be that your window seal is damaged and you need a new seal replacement.

If this is the case, it’s best to get in touch with us where we can quote you on how much this window seal repair job may cost and then our team of double glazing installers can come out to your home to fix the issue.

But it is something we would highly recommend you fix as soon as possible.

Simply because, if you’re getting condensation and steam in between your windows, you’ve effectively gone from double glazed windows to single glazed windows where you’ll start to notice your home getting a lot colder.

Then, due to the heat escaping through draughts and your home being cooler, you’ll no doubt put the heating on more often and for longer, and in turn, this causes a spike in your energy costs.

So you can see how quickly this can become expensive.

Get In Touch With Walkern Windows and Homes 

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We’ll be more than happy to best advise you on what to do next and can even offer you a free, no-obligation quote on replacement and repairs.